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The Darkest Path

The Darkest Path


The Darkest Path

Jeff Hirsch

ISBN: 978-0-545-51223-7

Oct 2013

4 Stars

*This is from an ARC copy that I won through goodreads first reads.*

Six years after fifteen year old Callum Roe and his younger brother, James, were abducted by soldiers of The Glorious Path escape becomes a necessary option.  When Cal is sent out to retrieve a stray dog to be trained for The Path; he finds in the dog an unlikely friend and ally.  Cal learns quickly he would kill his superiors to keep his new friend safe.  While on the run from The Glorious Path Callum learns more about the war between what is left of the US government and the extremist religion created by an ex US Soldier and how it’s affecting every region of the country. He will also learn about what someone will do for their family and friends, what loyalty really means, and how to survive in the midst of war.

Apocalyptic stories that have a twinge of reality are creepier than others. This is one of those that I could envision being ripped from the headlines so bring on the goose pimples.  As an animal lover I had a real appreciation for the author in the fact that he wrote realistic dog behavior as well; dogs bark and whimper at inopportune times. Being a military spouse I am also happy when military equipment is written well.  This novel has everything right for me in technical areas, but for me the characters (besides Bear) were lacking. I just didn’t find myself invested in them until the very end.  Overall, I really liked the novel. I think this is one that a lot of people can enjoy and I will feel good about recommending.


Day One

Day One - Nate Kenyon

Day One

Nate Kenyon

ISBN: 978-1-250-01321-7

October 2013

4 Stars

*I received this ARC via goodreads first reads*

Journalist John Hawke is pursuing the story that will save his troubled career. When James Weller, founder of a startup technology company, agrees to let Hawke write a story about his accomplishments Hawke sees it as an opportunity to uncover a scandal.  What should be a normal day on the path to his redemption turns into a nightmare. Everything connected to the internet or with a computer chip goes haywire. He soon discovers things are not only going wrong at the office when his wife calls screaming that someone is trying to break into their apartment.  While just managing to get out of the office with his life he finds himself with a small group of survivors who try to navigate through the broken city only to realize that they are in mortal danger making getting home to his pregnant wife and son a perilous priority.

As someone who is not very tech savvy I feared I would be in over my head while reading this, but was pleasantly surprised. I did not once find myself lost and scratching my head. This novel is very fast paced with quite a bit of action making it a thrill to read. The plot is an idea that’s been around for awhile but the author’s managed to make feel different.  Even though this is what I would consider a science fiction thriller there is this great story about family under the skin that bleeds through from the beginning. The characters are why I did not give this one 5 stars. Characters are a big deal to me as a reader. I need to love or hate them and I was indifferent to this cast.  This does seem to be my complaint with a lot of thrillers that are fast paced. Overall I really liked this novel and will definitely recommend it, especially to science fiction and thriller fans.

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